Roger Hill Monohull Boats

PDL Marine is proud to be the UK’s only manufacturer of Roger Hill boats in the UK. Working to the precise design specification of Roger Hill, PDL Marine can fabricate and finish the following Roger Hill Monohull models to your exact specification.

PDL Marine can design any variant of aluminium monohull from 6m to 11m +, in plaining, semi-dispacement, or displacement hulls.

Offering both traditional and contemporary boat finishes, we can supply vessels in bare finish, watchcase polished, marine specification painted or vinyl wrapped with any printable design to make your Roger Hill monohull as individual as you are.

For further information on our Roger Hill boat services please contact us on 02392 808 192 or email sales@pdlmarine.com


Roger Hill Monohull Boats

  • Power Monohulls
  • 6.7m Alloy planning monohull ‘Bay Boat’
  • 7m Outboard planning monohull day cruiser
  • 10m Mono hull power cruiser
  • 10.4m Alloy planing launch